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Summer’s End

Summer has been a strange mix of hyper activity and lethargy. While it has been a useful time for sourcing and performing installations for the project on occasion it has felt like the elements have been transpiring against me for the vast majority of the time. The weather this summer has not been good, although in England that’s hardly ever a surprise (especially living in the north-west with the Pennines pinning in any cloud cover and refusing to let it move off anywhere). It has had a massive impact on what could and has been achieved over my break away from those horrible jobs we do to ensure that life and interesting things can continue. Unfortunately it’s only just over a week until the monotony of work kicks in and reduces the time available to me to do more installations.

Hence why I’ve decided to spend my day getting the site really ready to roll. It’s spent the summer languishing in this almost-but-not-quite-finished beta state. Hopefully within the next few hours all the updates and current videos will be online ready for you. Links for the audio player should be properly working (and I’ll have figured how to do autoplay). And most importantly all the diagrams and materials for the open source section should be online too.

I also ask you a question that has been pressing on my mind recently. I normally carry on with projects out of pure strength of will and/or misguided enthusiasm. Sunshine Machine feels kind of different though. Normally projects are done to satisfy myself or some creative goal I carry. This feels much less centred internally for me. Do you think this is something that other people or you want to even know about? Does it interest you or am I way off the mark? I’m not looking for reassurance or praise, just an honest response as to whether you think this is a worthwhile project for me to be engaging myself with and more importantly will it engage others (as that is really the whole point of the project). Please do comment if you have an opinion either way.

Right, lots to do with this site so I’ll be back once all is sorted out.


P.S If there are still some alignment issues and the pages randomly jump to the right I’m very sorry. I know its happening and it is on my list of stuff to sort out.


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