Sunshine Machine 1 – Audio

After a lot of work I think we’ve finally ironed out all the kinks in our audio so you should now not only be able to stream from the player below but you can also download the original mp3 audio in full 320 quality (because I love a good bit of fidelity).

This is the audio taken from the first installation of Sunshine Machine on New Brighton Beach over in the Wirral on the summer solstice in 2010. Its not that I’m all “new age” or anything, it just felt like the appropriate time to start exploring a piece of sonic art that’s entire focus is time and entropy. Watch the video here.

It was a very special evening. Some of my closest friends gathered on a little beach to let me let them hear the sunset (other closest friends got lost despite GPS). I think the machine managed to capture something quite delicate and quite fleeting for its first performance. And since this was the first time it was all turned on at once it was a miracle everything actually worked as planned.

Download Sunshine Machine 1 Audio


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