BSM 1 – Water, Wurlizters & Focus Wheels

Yesterday heralded an unpremeditated jaunt to the seaside with some friends. There’s very little of my summer holiday left before the drudgery of work kicks in again so I’m adamant about two things; firstly that I spend lots of time running around in the sun, what little there is of it; and secondly that I make as many recordings before the galactic clock of the seasons runs out on me. With these facts in mind, the coincidence the weather was beautiful, and in case of emergency, I packed the sunshine machine gear in the boot of my car. You know… just in case.

I love Southport. Coastal towns around here aren’t great by any stretch of the imagination with this exception. You’ve got the horrifically polluted mouth of the Mersey with Liverpool towering over it with no beach or peace to be found. Further up the coast you have Blackpool in all its faded, tacky, pornographic glory. Even beyond that is Morecambe which, while its perfectly acceptable, is the preferred location for pensioners in the vicinity to take their holidays. It’s actually quite a nice little town but way past its best years. Maybe I’ll do Morecambe next week.
Anyway squeezed between Liverpool and Blackpool is Southport. Huge swathes of beaches, great old architecture, just the right amount of tack (enough to be kitsch and nostalgic, not enough to be cringey), and apparently a lot of very attractive people if yesterday was anything to go off.

Our day was spent messing around on the water. Motorboats could be hired for 20 minute stretches. It could have been quite idyllic had it not been for the loudest engine in the world and the poisonous fumes the engine was giving off. Then off to the tiny theme park. Perhaps the worst/best ghost train in the world; NOTHING HAPPENS. That is except a lot of sirens and a guys who’s job it was to wear a very cheap wolf mask and stalk around inside trying to make people jump. I didn’t realise bumper cars/dodgems still existed! I’d forgotten how wonderful they are. We should all ride those bad boys to work and back! Sod motorways, I’d get up a little early if it meant I could take out my rage on those around me in the morning crush.

It also appears that Southport has a very off phenonemon associated with it. There appears to be a much higher ratio of attractive people to average people in the town. It could be that we’ve discovered some holy grail of hotties. However I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s nothing to do with Southport and rather that simply where we live is filled with genetic rejects. Ah well.

Finally it rolled around to 8pm and those two friends pretty much fell asleep in the car while I fiddled and fettled the machine into life at a lovely spot on the coast road. However you can’t see it in the video. Rather annoying. After being super sure to fit the ND filter on the camera (I forgot last time) I fitted it with autofocus on, then flicked the autofocus off. So essentially the camera is focused on its own filter. Everything is hyper blurry. Booo… hiss! And whats worse is that it was a stunning sunset. But oddly enough it still looks pretty even when blurred. Rather colourific. Also met a lovely chap on a bike cycling along the coast road who stopped to have a chat and ask. I love that this project has me talking to random people a lot of the time. It’s so worth those suspicious/weird looks people give you when they aren’t brave enough to ask you what you’re doing and assume by default you must be a terrorist or a weirdo.

So this leaves me in my current quandary. If I want to try again this evening I need to leave in 12 minutes. The weather report doesn’t look fantastic but hopefully enough to get something out of it that could be worthwhile. But I also don’t have anyone to help me this evening making time constraints even more difficult. Do I or don’t I? It kills me to repeat it but it also kills me that last night’s was so lovely and I can’t share it with you as it should have been.


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