BSM 2 – Chasing The Whale

Wow. An oddly eventful few days with lots to tell you. I should warn you before departing on a journey into this post that for some reason my writing is very rangy and disjointed this week. Don’t know why. Now disclaimers are out of the way you can begin:

First up obviously there’s the fact I had to cancel the first installation; the thing that actually would have tested how well this site copes with a full public project from initiation to archiving. But alas it was not to be, but it also kinda was at the same time (more later). The weather had been pretty torrential in the run up to the day and I decided that a car was out of the question as the road to site is a little rustic (i.e. a dirt track) and I didn’t fancy getting my car stuck in the mud  halfway up the pennines, and the hike isn’t really feasible until I’ve got my new camera. Hence I decided to postpone. But as winter closes in the chances are going to be fewer as time progresses so I need a good window of weather to present itself. And so that’s the fourth time that Rivington has beaten me.

However in the evening the weather began to turn very pleasant (annoyingly). My timetable was already free (I had planned to do Rivington) and the timing was perfect. A few quick phone calls to Nik and his girlfriend, the lovely Laura, meant I was able to arrange a quick one shot installation from Laura’s root terrace. It was cutting it very fine however and without Nik to look after the camera end of things, and Laura offering brews around, it would have been a massive fail. The results were some of the most consistent and interesting I’ve managed to achieve thus. I love working in a Lydian mode. It evokes all this heat but without the tension you get in other modes. It’s a very “summery” tonality. And it was bloody freezing! We needed all the heat we could get. Much love to those two for helping me out at short notice.

Skip to two days later. I refused to let Rivington beat me, if I’m honest that hill is quickly becoming my white whale, and I some slightly more computerised and fruity Captain Ahab. The weather was perfect, clear skies, scattered clouds and not hazy at all. Plus the weather had been acceptable enough to allow the dirt track that serves as a road to the top in the days prior. Again a last minute effort (but this time that served as my downfall). Throwing poor Naomi into the car to be my helper we started up the St. Georges Lane that leads to the summit. Not bad going, very bumpy; does a Fiat Stilo have decent suspension? If it did it doesn’t anymore! Generally very slow progress to the top but we were getting there slowly but surely. However as the road progresses it becomes steadily worse, severe grooves gashed into it too deep to go over, with little room either side, and just a bit too wide to try to straddle. As a result the underside of my car must look like a wild beast has had its way with it, I’ve not been brave enough to look to be honest. But suffice to say we “ran aground” (if we’re going to be all nautical) and couldn’t progress any further. We were too badly positioned in the road to leave the car and a little too far from the top to trek the rest of the way on foot. However there were wonderful views from where we had scuttled the car and so decided to do it where we were. And… I’d forgotten the batteries. The issue with last minute, off the cuff things is that stuff can go wrong because you’re rushing. Like this. So Rivington has officially beaten me 5 times now. Result? Dig out the car and head to the pub and watch what I couldn’t record.

Other things that have been done in recent days involve starting my job again as a glorified caretaker. Soul-destroying doesn’t come close. But also I’ve been off riding in helicopters (really curious about an airborne installation now, stupid I know but interesting idea), down in wales being a pro at crab fishing (I caught a huge one called Bernard but my so called “friends” wouldn’t let me keep him as a pet, they all were thrown back) watching a friend’s burlesque show (thanks to a wardrobe malfunction I’ve still not seen her knockers and irrevocably altered our relationship), and finalised my application for my Phd funding (big thing involving playlists, memories, archives and improvisation). Also started work on a friend’s birthday present that will rock hard, but can’t share it yet in case she reads this.

I’m also thinking of putting up a weekly playlist of a few tracks. Nothing big, just the music that has been following me around while doing this project. What do you reckon? Also the next blog post is looking at some of the software I use and cool tricks you can do with GPS etc.

So yeah, that was the week that was or something ( couldn’t come up with a suitably seaworthy way to sign off).

Arrr! Pieces of eight! etc.


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