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BSM 4 – Indian Summer

Indian Summer

Talking about the weather is a very common British stereo type, especially English. And quite a self-employed reference at that. While most people would actively avoid discussing the weather under the belief it makes you dull or uninteresting this project has forced me to embrace it. That being said even if you’re one of those people who believe that discussing the weather means you have nothing worth discussing the meterological twists of the week are impossible to ignore.

If I’m totally honest I was ready to hang up my audio interface for a few months until October since the last installation but it’s just too gorgeous to not take advantage of the weather. Hence why I had another attempt at Rivington. And this time I won! Huge and eternal thanks to Sambo for being my packmule and faithful companion on these journeys (Nik was stuck in work, poor thing). And if I’m honest I don’t think any of the other times we attempted it would have come as close to capturing a moment like this one. The video is over in the video section if you want to watch it, and the audio is available for download in the audio section or on the bandcamp site. I could never do justice to an explanation of the sky that night. Pictures only tell half the story.

Sambo @ Rivington

There’s also lots of other stuff happening at the moment. An old friend has, in theory, agreed to create the new CAD images for what will hopefully become a standardised version of the hardware. And another friend has, in theory, agreed to construct it. Judging from his work as a luthier it will be a thing of beauty. The upshot of which means that the hardware will be smaller and way more portable. It also means that the old picture frame hardware (looks pretty but rather impractical) will be retired for a younger, smaller, sexier model. Version 2 is on the way. Better get soldering lol.

Death of a FIAT

Finally there was a plan to head over to Morecambe, again with Sambo, last night but my faithful FIAT chariot failed me. Not true. I failed him. The weather, my ill-treatment of it, and the fact that it’s not had so much as a change of water in 36,000 miles might have something to do with it. Goes without saying that after a breakdown at the side of the road time was against us, and it wasn’t a battle we could win. Instead I spent an evening with my folks and allows me to plan for the next installation, which by the time this blog post goes up will have probably already happen (the joys of scheduling). Tonight thebrokendoor are gigging so I need to go pack my gear ready to roll, and thanks to the grace of a few flickers of summer it’ll be in the great outdoors at The Dog. Also as promised there’ll be a playlisty 8tracks thing coming in the next few days. Whoop whoop!

So I shall wish you a very pleasant few days filled with muffled heat and long nights.


Sunset, Rivington. 28/09/11


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