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Sunshine Machine 10 – Audio

We’ve officially hit double figures! The weather spurred me on to make the absolute most of it. Instead of the humid, muggy heat and rain that now prevails before it inevitably gives way to ice on the wind and chillblains, it was beautiful for a brief moment in time. It was also great to experience all the quiet, light and space on my own in a place I know so well, but rarely see from the vantage point of such an early morning.

The phrygian scale is giving me a lot of joy at the moment. I always considered it a very dark, sensual key and liked it for those reasons. It’s not something I would normally have described as “optimistic” or “contemplative” but that’s the effect of rooting the mode in E. The piece constantly feels like it finishes with cadences to me and then begins again; this recycling of the same idea but growing in intensity. But that’s probably just me. I like the audio as a standalone artefact on this one a lot, just a shame it was so short (this involved some trespassing on private land to get). I also adore the video that’s coming in the next few days. Hope you enjoy it.

And… the stream player is above and download link follows:

Sunshine Machine 10 (Home)


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Sunshine Machine 10 //
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