Artist Statement

“The function of Sunshine Machine is to relay the experience of entropy within the universe; to convert memory, decay and transience; and the intangibility of light, sound and time.

Sunshine Machine is not a static entity, indeed it is intended to be portable in order to capture spontaneous unrepeatable moments that occur everywhere in every moment. Minuscule variations in light, colour, cloud formations, the season and the time of day all combine to create a recording that is both fleeting and intrinsically different in each instance, in each performance.

The location of these performances have been specifically selected by the artist according to their nostalgic value to attempt to evoke memory in an auditory fashion and in order to tap into resonances of time past. The sound is relayed through processes where it is delayed, expanded and fragmented. The order that portions of sound are arranged in is randomised, a metaphoric signal that asks us to consider the experience of memory as one that is fragmented, inaccurate, out of sync with chronology and whilst rooted to actual experience is also often a work of idealised emotion affected by time.

The performance of Sunshine Machine is linked to the artist’s memory. However in addition to the latent autobiography of the work, the act of performance allows the audience to invest in what the artist believes could be an irrelevant moment in time. The performance is an opportunity for some collapse of subjectivity of the artist’s own attachment, rather creating a communal, shared act from what would otherwise remain merely an unacknowledged moment in our collective experience.

Sunshine Machine uses eight individual light sensors outputting pitch information. The sensors are run through simultaneous Fast Fourier Transform processors to quantise the light data into musical pitches defined by musical scales related to ‘the music of the celestial bodies’. These musical impulses then control simplistic waveform generators. The final output of these tone generators is then modified using granular resynthesis allowing the sound to be reconstituted and randomised within the temporal plain. This allows the sound to jump spontaneously between the past, future and real time: the machine simultaneously recalls the past, narrates the present and foretells the future. Sunshine Machine presents a non-linear narrative of memory that has already occurred, is occurring and could possibly occur.”

– liam maloney

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Sunshine Machine 10 //
01/10/11 //
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