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We always need people to get involved and help the project move forward. It’s also really cool in that your involvement will decide where the project goes (literally!)and how it changes over time. You can help by:

* Talk! Spreading the word about the project (we’re on twitter, facebook, vimeo, and bandcamp). The more people who know about it the better. The aim of this project is for people to enjoy it so follow us, retweet our links, share us/like us on facebook, rate us on vimeo, or mention us to a friend over a drink.

* Give Us Feedback! Please comment rate the music and videos that are available for free on vimeo and bandcamp so we can try to increase our traffic.

* Do It Yourself! All the details you need to build your very own Sunshine Machine are available at on our open source page (including circuit diagrams, software patches and eventually instructional videos). Make your own (it’s dead easy!) and go and record your world. Share your results with us!

* Who Do You Know? If you are or know any CSS coders or iOS developers who’d be willing to get involved with some clever online skullduggery please get in contact.

* Let Us Know! If you have any suggestions for locations, could help us get funding, want to tell us what you think, send us some words of much needed encouragement (it’s lonely in the sonic art wasteland!), want to share new patches with us, just want to say hello or tell us something else entirely you can contact us any time using the form below. We’ll try to reply to every contact we get.

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Latest Installation Audio

Sunshine Machine 10 //
01/10/11 //
07:04 - 07:13 //
Home, Northwest, UK //

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