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Since its inception Sunshine Machine was designed to be an open source project. Sunshine Machine data is available to anyone and everyone, and uses a Creative Commons Non-Commercial license. All the technical information, schematics, designs, patches etc. that together allow the system to run are available for you here completely free. Sunshine Machine encourages competition, expansion and derivation from the original.

Change your landscape. Create your own installation. Create your own sonic art.

Create your own Sunshine Machine project, do wonderful things with it. The tools you need are right here.

This page will soon be populated with DIY videos on how to build your own sunshine machine, PDF docs of schematics, Bidule and Live patches etc. But obviously that stuff takes time to generate and this website has nearly killed me already! lol

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Latest Installation Audio

Sunshine Machine 10 //
01/10/11 //
07:04 - 07:13 //
Home, Northwest, UK //

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